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Wood is an excellent material for marine construction and its associated use with modern epoxy resins has greatly enhanced its technical potential.

SR 5550

  • Especially formulated for building marine composites and used extensively for bonding, lamination and wood protection

  • Excellent adhesion to all type of woods

  • Adjustable working times make it a convenient and easy to use product

  • Features low viscosity and is crystallization free

  • Excellent for bonding reinforcement materials such as glass or carbon onto wood

  • Suitable for room temperature applications

  • Delivers a high gloss finish

  • Low surface pollution, UV stable and low toxicity

  • Can be diluted with EP217 for the first coat

  • Hardeners available:

       SD 5506 : Very Fast, Laminating and bonding

       SD 5505 : Fast, Laminating and bonding
       SD 5503 : Slow, Laminating and bonding
       SD 5502 : Very Slow, Laminating, bonding and filling

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