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These very low viscosity products are designed specifically for resin transfer moulding techniques. Applications include Industrial, Marine, Energy, Transportation, Sports and Leisure.

SR 8100

  • A two component epoxy system formulated for resin transfer processes such as injection or infusion

  • Particularly cost effective for Infusion production methods

  • Very low viscosity at ambient temperature cure

  • Compatibility with different hardeners allows for moulding of small to large parts with rapid remoulding time

  • High mechanical properties can be achieved when used with SD 8822-24 

  • The cured system gives a temperature resistance up to 80°C (Tg 1)

  • Has achieved GERMANISCHER LLOYD approval


  • Green Epoxy system for Injection and Infusion.

  • Very low viscosity at ambient temperature.

  • Different hardeners allow the production of small to very large parts.

  • The cured system gives a temperature resistance up to 100°C (Tg onset).

  • The hardeners SD 4770 and 4771 are designed for very thick laminates by infusions.

  • Produced with about 38 % of carbon from plant origin and has a lower environmental impact than standard Epoxy systems. 

  • SR InfuGreen 810 is DNV-GL Maritime approved with hardeners SD 8822 and 8824.

SR 1710

  • Very high performance structural epoxy system for Resin Transfer Moulding processes such as Infusion and Injection

  • Very low viscosity and a low reactivity hardener for large part manufacturing

  • Very high mechanical properties, especially inter laminate shear strength

  • Excellent retention of mechanical properties in a wet environment

  • Temperature resistance: Tg1 max = 100°C

  • Has achieved GERMANISCHER LLOYD approval

SR 1720

  • Infusion epoxy system with low viscosity and very high temperature resistance of 200°C

  • SR 1720 and SD 7840 form a two component epoxy system that can be processed at an average temperature of 30-35 °C

  • Allows composite parts to endure extreme heat and perform at temperatures up to  200°C

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