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In addition to their advanced resin systems, Sicomin’s laboratories also formulate a wide range of gelcoats for tooling and finished parts.

SG 715

  • Epoxy gelcoat for parts, application in bottom mould or for finishing after moulding.​

  • Can be applied with a brush or spray gun if diluted with EP 960

  • Cures at an ambient temperature

  • High thermal properties after post cure treatment

  • High resistance to abrasion

  • Recommended for prototypes, small yachts and scale models

SG GreenCoat

  • A clear and transparent gelcoat specially designed for aesthetic parts.

  • Has a good UV resistance 

  • 51% of bio based carbon
    in the resin and 37% in the final mixture.

  • Intended for the production of epoxy laminates in open moulds, infusion or RTM. 

SG 166 GM

  • High temperature resistant epoxy black gelcoat.

  • Suitable for brush application.

  • Cure at room temperature, a post-cure is required before release.

  • Excellent thermal resistance after post-cure.

  • Good abrasion resistance.

  • Recommended for manufacturing of mould with a service temperature of 130°C max.

SGi 128

  • Fire resistant white epoxy Gelcoat.

  • Halogen free and flame retardant

  • Low smoke opacity and toxicity.

  • Requires post curing in the mould before the part is released.

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