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Sicomin’s market leading range of fire retardant epoxy system products designed specifically for Construction, Civil Enginering, Aerospace, Rail and Marine applications are designed to deliver high performance laminates whilst also meeting demanding fire regulations.

The fire retardant range is available in a variety of formats suitable for most processing methods including: Laminating, Infusion, Prepregging and Foaming.

SR 1124 

  • Fire retardant, two-part epoxy resin.

  • Very low viscosity with exceptional wetting-out properties for hand laminating

  • Designed for infusion, hand laminating and filament winding processes.

  • Halogen free and flame retardant.

  • Low smoke opacity and toxicity.

  • Meets the stringent fire protection standards specified in construction, automotive and transportation parts.

  • Requires post curing in the mould before the part’s release.

  • Available with SD 8932 & SD477x Hardeners

  • Offer an exceptional fire resistance with SC FW16 coating (ASTM E84 class A)

FireGreen 37

  • An intumescent and halogen free, fire retardant epoxy system for hand-laminating.

  • Offers a low smoke opacity and toxicity that will allow you to pass Aerospace fire specification FAR 25-852 and also UL 94 V0.

  • Other applications include: hot / fast curing cycle.

  • Produced with about 25% of carbon from plant origin and have a lower environmental impact than standard Epoxy Systems.

  • The bio-based Carbon content of our resins is certified by an independent laboratory using C14 measurements (ASTM D6866).

SGi 128

  • Fire resistant white epoxy Gelcoat.

  • Halogen free and flame retardant

  • Low smoke opacity and toxicity.

  • Requires post curing in the mould before the part is released.

PB 270i/ PB 370i/ PB 570i


  • Self-extinguishing, Two part epoxy formulation which produces fireproof closed cell low density foams

  • The densities obtained are respectively about 270, 370 and 570 (open mould expansion)

  • The resulting foam is white but can be coloured with epoxy compatible pigments

  • The hardener modifies the curing time and reachable thickness

  • The mix evolves in two steps:  rapid expansion and slow hardening of the foam

  Performance Characteristics

  • Results in a low density foam

  • No need for fillers such as microballoons

  • Adheres to a variety of materials

  • Can be poured onto and co-cured with prepregs or other epoxy laminates

  • Uniform density

  • Excellent resistance to water

  • CFC Free


  • Production of epoxy foam

  • Core material which can be produced “in-situ”

  • Buoyant and adds density to honeycombs in local areas

  • Thermal insulation

  • Suitable for making foam blocks to be machined, sculpted or modelled

  Fire Accreditations

  • PB 270 i / DM 03  meets the requirements of the CS 25/FAR 25 § 25-853 (a) App. F Part.I (a1) (ii) for flammability 12 seconds

  • CEAT-Toulouse - France PV # MT-0 8 / 8150155 /P2/A dated 12.12.2008

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