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Sicomin's range of two or three component fillers with different density are light weight and very easy to sand off the laminate.


MixFill 80

  • Two-part ready to use filled epoxy

  • Low density & Solvent free

  • Spreading rate: 1l/m2/mm

  • Grey in colour

  • Trowelable fairing compound

Woodfill 130

  • Versatile formulated filler for low density fillet joints.

  • White powder

Woodfill 250

  • Versatile formulated filler for high density fillet joints and wood bonding.

  • Wood colour.

Mixfill 10

  • Filler formulated for light filling/ finishing and low thickness.

  • Grey Powder.

Glasscell 10

  • Low Density, Hollow Spheres

  • Ultra light

  • White glass microballoons


  • Microfibre of cellulose for the bonding of wood.

  • White fluffy powder.


  • Silicell Silica, thixotropic agent (anti-sag), is not suitable for polyurethane systems.

  • White powder.

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