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By combining our slow and ultra slow hardeners, Sicomin’s resins can be used for casting, filling, shimming, tooling and mould compression.  Used in conjunction with powder fillers, mechanical properties such as volume, mass, thermal conductivity and insulation can be modified.


SR 1670

  • Casting Epoxy system « Optical Quality » for high thickness.

  • Very low reactivity allows high thickness without change of colour cast.

  • Obtaining a polymer with high clarity, good brightness and colourless.

  • Cures at room temperature, if necessary post cure from 40 to 80 °C.

  • Almost odourless.

  • Excellent impact resistance and thermal shock

GreenCast 160

  • River table cosmetic casting

  • High clarity, UV resistant epoxy system.

  • 40% bio-based carbon content.

  • Low reactivity for thick casting pours.

Surf Clear Evo

  • Especially formulated for the manufacturing of surf boards.

  • A high-performance         bio-based epoxy resin produced with up to 37% carbon content from plant and vegetable origin.

  • Yields surfboards with a flexible touch, high temperature and UV stability.

  • High surface and plug finishing, for high gloss requirements.

  • Suitable for surf repairs, fin boxes and plugs, pattern and model coating etc.

SR Top Clear 

  • Fast and translucent epoxy system for clear carbon and other ‘varnished’ components.​

  • High UV resistance

  • Brush or spray versions available

  • Suitable for all materials including Carbon, Glass, Aramids, Wood and all commercial Foams. 

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