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We offer a wide range of high quality composite reinforcements from manufacturers in Europe and Asia. The fibre reinforced composites range includes all the main fibre reinforced composite technologies, including wovens, multiaxials and unidirectionals. As well as our standard range, we also work closely with the European manufacturers to develop bespoke reinforcements for customers' projects.



2 x 2 Twill Weave carbon- 200gsm -100 lm roll lengths.  

  • 1m wide

  • 1.25m wide


Plain weave Carbon- 100 lm roll lengths.  Available in the following:

  • 200gsm -1m wide

  • 300gsm - 1.27m wide



+/-45° biaxial carbon- 1.25m wide in the following weights:

  • 150gsm

  • 200gsm

  • 300gsm

  • 400gsm


0/90° Biaxial carbon - 1.27m Wide: 600gsm

  • 400gsm


Biaxial Tapes

+/-45° biaxial tapes, 400gsm- available in the following widths:

  • 100mm

  • 140mm

  • 200mm 

Unidirectional Tapes

Unidirectional carbon tapes available in either 300g or 600g as the following:

  • 300g - 100mm or 300mm 

  • 600g - 100mm,  150mm & 200mm


High Modulus Tapes

Unidirectional High Modulus tape:

  • 300gsm - 100mm wide M46J fibre

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