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GreenPoxy by Sicomin is the latest innovation in bio-based chemistry. 

GreenPoxy combines high efficiency with the use of renewable feedstock, decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.

Formulated using organic waste makes GreenPoxy an attractive alternative to petrochemical-based epichlorohydrin.





  • Very low viscosity clear system for infusion of small to very large parts, including very thick laminates

  • Room temperature infusion system with approximately 38% bio-based carbon content

  • Choice of 2 hardeners to adjust cure times 


  • Especially formulated for the manufacturing of surf boards, SUP boards, waveski & skim-board.

  • Suitable for hand lay up of glass, carbon, aramid, natural and synthetic fibers.

  • Improved UV resistance and contains almost 51% bio-based carbon.

  • Compatible with all
    commercial foams and typical fillers used in the surf industry: polystyrene, polyurethane, cross-linked & linear PVC foams 


GreenPoxy 33

  • Greenpoxy 33 is the result of the latest innovations in bio-based chemistry.

  • A high performance bio epoxy resin which has over 35% of its molecular structure deriving from plant origin.

  • Clear laminate.

  • High mechanical properties.

  • Excellent wetting out properties resulting in a low resin consumption. 

GreenCast 160

  • River table cosmetic casting

  • High clarity, UV resistant epoxy system.

  • 40% bio-based carbon content.

  • Low reactivity for thick casting pours.

SR FireGreen 37

  • Fire retardant intumescent and halogen free epoxy system for hand-laminating.

  • Low smoke opacity and toxicity that will allow you to pass Aerospace
    fire specification FAR 25-852 and also UL 94 V0. P

  • Produce with around 25% of carbon from plant origin and have a lower environmental impact than standard Epoxy Systems.

SR GreenCoat

  • A clear and transparent gelcoat specially designed for aesthetic parts.

  • Has a good UV resistance 

  • 51% of bio based carbon
    in the resin and 37% in the final mixture.

SurfClear Evo

  • Especially formulated for the manufacturing of surf boards.

  • A high-performance bio-based epoxy resin produced with up to 37% carbon content from plant and vegetable origin.

  • Yields surfboards with a flexible touch, high temperature and UV stability.

  • High surface and plug finishing, for high gloss requirements.

  • Suitable for surf repairs, fin boxes and plugs, pattern and model coating etc.

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