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Matrix supplies a variety of high performance structural adhesive systems developed by Sicomin. 
They can be applied in thick sections as a filled joint to assemble two parts of a structure such as a hull and bulk head. Thanks to their excellent sagging resistance, adhesives can even be applied to vertical substrates and wet surfaces.


SR 1170

  • Filled epoxy system for fillet-joint and structural assembling.

  • Useful for bonding onto epoxy or aged polyester laminates. For outstanding results, sanding down to the fibre is highly recommended

  • Available as a mixed Grey colour

  • Excellent sagging resistance, even on a vertical substrate

  • Obvious change of colour during mixing to indicate the hardener has been added

Isobond 735

  • ISOBOND 735 is a two component epoxy adhesive in cartridges allowing fast composite / composite and some metal / composite bonding.

  • Manual guns and mixing nozzles for application

  • 0.5kg Cartridge size

  • Pre-Preg Epoxy system for wood and composite bonding.

Isobond 7100 

  • Gel specially formulated for thin bonding that must resist high fatigue stress.

Isobond 7100TH

  • Epoxy Structural adhesive for thin or thick bonding and lamination to recover prepreg

  • Formulated for thick and thin bonding

  • Resist high stress in fatigue (excellent against propagation of microcracks).

  • Application on non-porous surface materials is possible.

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