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The integrated honeycomb structure of 3D|CORE™ PET GR provides more flexibility and is easy to handle. The foam core follows the guidelines for recycling economy and contributes to the preservation and improvement of the human environment. The core is applicable with all known resin systems and processes.

Skateboard with 3D-CORE 1.png
  • Excellent fatigue resistance

  • Excellent long-term thermal stability up to 100°C

  • Very high processing temperature up to 180°C

  • Closed-cell foam (no water absorption, no re-expansion, no outgassing)

  • Easy processing with all known resin systems and processes

  • Very high chemical resistance Homogenous connection of all components

  • Excellent surface adhesion (connection between the surfaces and core)

  • Highly consistent material properties

  • Good thermal insulation Integrated flow mesh

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