Flexible Epoxy Resin

A flexible epoxy resin system ideal for 3-D forms.

SR 8160 clear flexible epoxy resin

AutomotiveSports & Leisure

Product Description


Comparative Chart - Epoxy Systems - Flexibles

 Weight ratio 100 g + .. gVolume ratio 100 ml + .. mlPot-life for 500g mix at 20?CMix viscosity at 20?C (CPs)Elongation at break %TG 1 Max ?C
SR 8150
SR 8150 / SD 815 B11618//8318
SR 8150 / SD 815 B21921//10914
SR 8150 / SD 815 B32629//956
SR 8150 / SD 815 B42629//10017
  • Clear flexible epoxy resin for easy forming
  • Low Viscosity
  • Memorises shape
  • Ideal for 3D forms such as car body parts.
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