Sicomin epoxy resinsSicomin epoxy resin systems

A complete range of epoxy resins from Sicomin. The range includes resins for wood, laminating, infusion, RTM, high temperatures, tooling, fire-retardancy, foaming, bonding, casting and underwater applications.

Adhesives and bonding

As well as epoxy adhesives, we also stock AEC Polymer's range of industrial adhesives. These include the SAF new-generation of MMAs, as well as the MS60 single-component adhesive/sealants.

Tooling gelcoats

Verometal Mould Protect is a unique product for tooling gelcoats. Able to withstand temperatures of up to 195°C, as easy to apply as polyester gelcoat, yet it displays the properties of a metal tool.

Core materials

We offer 3 very different types of core materials, each with their own strengths and compromises depending on the requirements. Our technical team can guide you in the most suitable for your application.

Nemo marine coatingsMarine coatings from Nemo

We are the UK distributor for the NEMO range of marine paints and coatings. The range has been developed by MAPAERO, who pioneered water-based paints in the aeronautical industry.


We stock a comprehensive range of E-glass and carbon reinforcements - multiaxials, wovens and UD and CSM.

Vacuum consumables and peel-ply

Our range of vacuum consumables is very simple - one type of vac bag film, one peelply, one breather, one infusion mesh, one breather and one type of tacky tape. Lots of different widths, all in stock, all great value.

Tools and ancillaries

Buckets, brushes, rollers, squeegees, mould release, mixing sticks, scales, nitrile gloves etc.

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